Coltura Promiscua in France

    What is the used name in your country?
    How/why/by, whom was it created?

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    This technique is known since the Antiquity.

    Bocage country at Cotentin Peninsula

    Bocage country at Cotentin Peninsula

    49.475117, -1.586046


    It still occurs in the vineyards of Alsace, but it is rare: 74ha or 0,5% of the vine production in Alsace.

    In Normandie the complantation with apple or pear trees can been found in semi bocage enclosed fields. In Alsace they are found on the vineyards and in Provence they took place on the Lure mountain.

    Physical geography: description

    It is not connected to a specific physical geography but rather to the thought that having different types of plantations help each type to grow.

    How is it used today?

    It has almost disappeared today but in the Alsace region some wine growers are still using it and would like that complantation be accepted in order for the Alsace wine to be connected to the territory rather than to the type of vine. Particularly Jean-Michel Deiss, wine grower, is advocating for this method.

    Is it combined with/connected to something typical (traditional)?

    It is connected to the traditions of Antiquity.

    Is it connected to specific structures?


    Is it connected to specific functions?


    Is it connected to specific values?


    About awareness

    It is poorly known to the public.

    Do you have national approaches towards this landscape type?

    Although it tends to disappear currently, it is a historical practice in Alsace with the vineyards, in Normandie with the orchards (apple trees) and in Provence where the cultivation of cereals took place in the middle of fruit trees.