Hay making structures in Italy

    How/why/by, whom was it created?

    Research: Viviana Ferrario & Maurizia Sigura; upload: Bénédicte Gaillard. The entries are still in process.

    How is it used today?

    Hay making structures aren’t used in the context of agricultural production which is mechanized both in plane and in mountain areas

    They are maintained as characteristic landscape structures and part of cultural heritage

    Hay making structures are now considered as part of the cultural heritage
    In this way they are considered as a tool to:
    maintain the identity of places
    support cohesion and vitality of local community
    support tourism


    About awareness

    Hay making structures are recognized in regional and local planning process as cultural heritage
    landscape Planning Plans (region, province)
    Dolomite World Heritage (Dolomite
    local Planning Plans (municipalities)

    local groups